December 18, 2016

Next Generation Leahy

​Building on over three generations of Leahy musicianship, Doug Leahy along with his wife Jennifer and six of their eight children, are keeping those traditions alive through music, song and dance. Although all still in elementary school, Evelyn (5), Joseph (7), Cecilia (8), Angus (10), Gregory (12) and Adele (13) all bring to the stage a level of musical mastery rarely seen in a group so young.

A Next Generation Leahy performance is nothing short of remarkable. With their parents leading the action on stage, the children bring to life the high-energy, infectious Celtic music people associate with the Leahy heritage. The Leahy children are accomplished multi-instrumentalists with the remarkable ability to enamour audiences of all ages. Fiddle, cello, french accordion, piano, singing and of course French-Canadian step-dancing all find a place on stage. With an already seasoned stage presence and a love for what they’re creating, audiences will share in The Next Generation Leahy’s joie-de-vivre, making for a truly unforgettable performance for the whole family.

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